Japanese Language Teacher Agency – TLC

Japanese Language Education Support

From your first time living in Japan – beginner level to advanced level

TLC offers one-on-one and group Japanese language lessons to foreign business people working in Japan.

For Japanese language support in your everyday life and at work, or for guidance and education for Japanese language certifications, look no further than TLC.

Order Made

Order Made Curriculums

Custom curriculums are made for each and every individual, with the best suited teaching materials chosen for the student’s needs and topics of interest.

Highly recommended by past and current students for our flexibility in areas such as lesson scheduling, course content, and location of lessons.

High Quality

High Quality Educators

All of our teachers are certified Japanese language educators and have over 3 years practical experience teaching Japanese in Japan.

Education provided for all levels from beginners to advanced levels. As much support as possible is also offered in English and other languages.

Sample Curriculums

Survival Japanese

  • 20 lesson hours
  • Approximately 600 vocabulary terms

The main objective of this course is to give students the necessary basics of everyday Japanese such as self-introductions, ordering food at restaurants, and basic language skills for situations at train stations, on taxis, whilst shopping, and expressing symptoms of illnesses.

Everyday Conversation Course

  • 150 lesson hours
  • Approximately 800 vocabulary terms

Japanese language lessons for a variety of everyday situations.
The main objective of this course is to give students the ability to have simple conversations, as well as read and write simple, short sentences.

Everyday Conversation Course

  • 150 lesson hours
  • Approximately 700 vocabulary terms

The main objective of this course is to give students the ability to ask for permission, advice, and give complaints amongst other more natural Japanese expressions.
Lessons will strive to teach students to express their own opinions and explain things with natural sounding Japanese.
Also includes lessons about polite Japanese expressions for person-to-person relations.

Other Courses

  • Business Japanese language courses
  • Courses to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N1 ~ N5)
  • Courses to prepare for the Business Japanese Proficiency Test

Lessons centred on kanji and lessons using current materials such as newspapers and magazines also offered.

The Process from Applying for Lessons to the First Lesson

Application for Consultation

An assigned member of staff confirms your requirements.

Lesson Content Proposal

A proposal is offered to suit your objectives, level, and lifestyle following consultation.

Proficiency Level Check

An assigned teacher will check your proficiency level to choose appropriate teaching materials.

Lessons Begin

Lessons begin! Report cards will be issued regularly to record your progress during the course.
A personalised online lesson website will be created for you.
Your password will be given to an assigned member so that you can check your report cards whenever you please.

Lesson Formats

  • No membership fee required
  • Private lesson (1 student)
  • Semi-private lesson (2 students)
  • Group lesson (3 or more students)

Company Information

TLC Co. Ltd.

Share Capital: 3 million yen

Representative: Tomoko Ito

Main Clients: Automotive companies, IT companies, UK legal firms, German transport equipment manufacturers, chemical-related companies, etc.

Address: 1669-2 Ishibashi, Higashimatsuyama-shi, Saitama-ken

Phone: 090-2158-2724

FAX: 0493-23-2909


Founded: 1 August 2000

Regions lessons offered in: Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, Gunma Prefecture, Tochigi Prefecture, entire Kanto region

Education achievements: Approximately 1,000 students taught with high praise received from students.

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